What’s going on here?

vampire bat removal?

I have to hand it to whomever wrote the exemplar verbiage/ placeholder language for this website template. One of these included something about vampire bat removal. Good times.

Never mind. I'm just giving you a few words to read while I slowly get more images up here.

No, I am not a fishmonger

The photo of those fish in the bed of ice, staring balefully out at you was just an image I had from a year or so ago when I ran into the market for a hostess gift, passed by these poor, benighted fish, and captured a few images for laughs.

Poor fish.

Pumpkin Carving

I'm just thinking of halloween because the "halloween store" at the local shopping center abruptly opened on August 1st, so...I guess the season's begun? I happen to love halloween, but the sight of xmas decorations out in august gives me hives.


Oh wow, this template

Eventually I'll fill all these cute little windows with better images and verbiage, but for the moment... no.

Hey though, that image of coin change...maybe I should throw up a tip jar thingo?

Look at pictures of cats!

Cats of my acquaintance, even.

Don't worry. I'll update as I go along. These pictures will go away and be replaced with something professional.

Maybe I'll keep the cat pictures up though.

Geoffrey is a charming cat, really.

Much of a muchness

I am not yet deleting any of these floating image and text boxes, because if I were to do that, I know what would inevitably happen: I'd decide later that I could use them for some fun purpose and...oh well.