Not just ready-mades...

Seeing scrap metal always makes me itch. I want to take all that voluminous discard (beer bottle caps, wire coathangers that accumulate in spindrifts, foil labels) and give it a new lease on life instead of letting it languish in our trash.

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I grew up in a household that had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and even the bookshelves were built by my father, who loved woodworking.

I've developed a fascination with specialized but practical, multi-use cabinets and furniture, such as Japanese 'tansu' or 'step-cabinets' and I've always wanted to build some of my own. Now that I'm in my own studio space, I'm free to build, make a big mess, (and make mistakes in the process) without getting in anyone else's way.

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Yes, I read a ton of books, as you'll see. But I also make them, as a form of expressing a narrative.

You can never have too many books

Semi-coherent benedictions

...this will be an ever-evolving space where I post images from works in progress, materials exploration, responses to current topics (and old topics I have an inscrutable urge to pick up, dust off, and sound off about), and occasional announcements.

Please stand by.

storage shelves are important

Open Studios and Events

Eventually I'll return to opening my studio doors...but right now my focus is on completing projects rather than endlessly starting new ones. I have plenty of projects that I need to complete, and project ideas (in notebooks) to jump on. I just need the hours and energy and bandwidth to complete some of them.