Unexpected Werewolves

I went into the local hardware corporate chain warehouse labyrinth to get some lag bolts and washers for my new workbench. Maybe some wood screws. You know how it is, you go in for one thing, suddenly you have 10 other random items at the checkout. Hopefully you succeeded in obtaining the original item you’d gone in for…

So the first thing I see on walking in is a display of animatronic lawn display critters for Halloween (my favorite holiday). I was amused and cheered. If I have to endure incursions in August every year from the Season of Obligatory Cheer™️, then at least I should get a little balm for my own soul in the form of kitschy skeletons dancing and clattering their teeth. Also, pumpkins and bats. I love bats. That’s another topic for another day though.

So I went in for lag bolts, and as I’m trying to find where they’ve stowed them, I have to wander the aisles. Along the way, about every minute or so, wolfmanjack there lets out a mournful howl.

It’s making everyone giggle though, and in each aisle, there’s at least one person chiming in with a quiet, friendly, off-key “aaawwwwooooooooo?” Followed inevitably by laughter.

I’m glad some of us can still laugh at ourselves.

…and no, I’m not entirely sure if that’s a crematorium on the left there, perhaps I should go back and enquire…